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Buried Town 2

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Buried Town 2 is one of the survival games inheriting from Buried Town 1. It is a hybrid of survival games, strategy games and interactive adventure games with zombie apocalypse elements. DOWNLOAD Buried Town2 NOW for Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

When an unknown virus popped up over the world, the deepest fear of human was finally realized. Most of the people were infected and were turned into the cannibalistic zombies while only a minimal part of individuals survived, and you are the lucky one. Now, how can you survive in this zombie apocalypse?

In a hostile city surrounded by zombies, you are hiding in your ruined flat with a few canned foods. After recovering from the grief of losing your family, you decide to fight against zombies instead of being hunted and try to survive longer in the apocalypse. You start collecting materials, plundering supplies, researching cures, crafting weapons, upgrading your home and trying to contact other survivors. However, things don't go as smoothly as you thought, as the stories unfold, you find that zombies are not the only threat you are facing and it’s much more difficult to survive than you thought.

Buried Town 2 is much more than a regular zombie apocalypse game. As it introduces, Buried Town 2 integrates more survival games elements. As you explore the huge map, you’ll find dozens of different story lines, quests and puzzles to solve and to interact with.

•A combination of survival game, adventure game, and strategy game
•4 Main characters with different stories to unlock. Can you survive with them?
•More than 20 different endings determined by your choices
•Challenge other survivors and plunder their supplies
•Customize your apartment with hundreds of craftable items
•A huge map for you to explore
•In-game puzzles and side quests! A smart brain makes you survive easier in this zombie apocalypse.
•Worldwide Leaderboard and Achievements system
•Several NPCs to interact with. Enjoy your adventure with these new virtual friends
•Arm yourself to fight with zombies more easily

•Explore different places to gather supplies
•Make your own choice to gain either goodness or evil index
•Use different supplies to craft your tools and weapons
•Fight against zombies to avoid infections

•To make a longer survival, never be too confident of your HP
•To make a longer survival, upgrade the facilities timely to survive better
•To make a longer survival, remember you need a certain amount of goodness or evil index to unlock some of the facilities
•To make a longer survival, be aware of the importance of metal
•To make a longer survival, remember that the durability of your equipment will decrease every time you use them

Buried Town 2 is just a simulation survival game for entertaining. Please do not take any part of this game as your real wilderness survival guide. Locojoy believes that everyone yearns for the joy from games, and it's our priority to bring you the happiness and enjoyment through our games. We want to make Buried Town 2 one of the most attractive zombie apocalypse horror survival games just for you.

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Buried Town 2 Buried Town 2 Buried Town 2
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