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Guide for KOF 99

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The King of Fighters 99 is issued by the Japan SNK Company in 1999, KOF99 series was first introduced STRIKER and SUPER CANCEL concepts and new gas explosion and counter attack mode protection mode.Since KOF98 has a higher level, SNK changing the basic operating system, the original dodge sideways and emergency evasive dodge move together to form, and the process can dodge moves further increase the system offensive. In addition outbreak way into the attack mode (COUNTER MODE) and armored mode (ARMOR MODE), depending on the actual situation can choose to consume all three energy beans. Appear nursing aid system, so the fighting has become more complicated and confusing. Appropriate use of nursing assistance, such as iron wall more defensive, more like a knife attack, the original strength of the opponent and own a pick three mention.
Guide for KOF 99 Guide for KOF 99 Guide for KOF 99
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