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MNAR - Brueghel

MNAR - Brueghel

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Discover a new and fun way of looking at a masterpiece using the enhanced experience of augmented reality. Jan Brueghel the Elder’s Flower Bouquet in a Vase in the collection of the National Museum of Art of Romania is a fascinating painting, allowing visitors to glimpse into seventeenth-century history, geography, life-style, and beliefs in a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing manner.


* An Augmented Reality experience of the flower bouquet guided by a butterfly.
* A History button giving information about Jan Brueghel the Elder and the painters’ dynasty he belongs to.
* A Tour button featuring a flower trail through the museum’s holdings, linking three centuries of European and Romanian art.
* A 3D button offering more information on four of the important elements in the painting: a butterfly, a tulip, a peony, and adownloadlinkffodil.
* A Trivia button suggesting new areas of exploration for those interested in more than just art.
MNAR - Brueghel MNAR - Brueghel MNAR - Brueghel
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