Halli Galli FREE

Halli Galli FREE

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-- Local (offline), 2-4 players --

Halli Galli is a speed action game in which players have to ring the bell when exactly 5 fruits of the same kind are on the table. The deck contains 56 playing cards. Your cards are your life - lose all your cards and you're out of the game - Think fast, react fast and collect all 56 cards to BE THE WINNER! http://www.halligalli-game.com/

• Hours and hours of fun, laughter and joy for your friends and family.
• Received the "MAJOR FUN AWARD" 2014
• Selected as one of the BEST FAMILY GAMES OF ALL TIMES in James Lowders' book "The BEST 100"

Game features:
• Play against people
• Multi-touch action
• Smooth and addictive swipe to open cards
• Fantastic virtual bell
• Sharp HD graphics
• Local (offline), 2-4 players

Halli Galli FREE Halli Galli FREE Halli Galli FREE
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