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Game Maker Social Playing

Game Maker Social Playing

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Game Maker Social PlayingGreat News!!! Now you can create game *** Compiled And Signed APK File *** you will obtain the link to the APK file so you can download and install on your device or download on your PC and publish in any store.Just Update now you can export to all platform mobile and not.You Can Also *** Get Money *** by the advertising, requiring APK with already integrated AdMob. In this release is possible to create APK file for follow game template: - Flappy style template - Single Level - 2D Bean shooter template - Multi levels - TPS (Third Person Shooter) Touch and move desert environment - Multi levels - TPS (Third Person Shooter) Touch and move forest environment - Multi levels - Helicopter game template - Multi levels - Zombies In Dungeon game template - Multi levelsThe process is very easy, create a good game then simply make the request, you will informed by email about the making APK progress.Game Maker can create, build and publish games:Inside the game you can show your personal picture on dedicated billboardNew Third Person Shooter(TPS) Touch And Move Desert EnvironmentNew Third Person Shooter(TPS) Touch And Move Isle EnvironmentNew! Zombi Hunter in Dungeon(Zombi Shooting) New! Helicopter Combat GameNew! Helicopter Combat Game MultiplayerNew! Now you can create a shooting game multilevel gameNew! Now you can create your own Racing Game, 18 different vehicles, simply create your track, drag and drop components, choose how many computer cars and go…New! Now you can create your Top-Down Shooting Game, Zombie Toy WarNew! Now you can create your Flappy Style GameNew! Now you can create your 2D Shooting Platform GameNew! Added Rating system so you can rate others players games. Some vehicle type: - F1 - Kart - Hover Car - Dragster - Double Bus - Big Rig Truck - Drift Car - Monster Truck - Muscle Car - Wheeled Tank - Limousineand more…New! Added possibility to insert settings command using buttons so now it is more comfortable create games on mobile devicesUser can:• Set Personal photo billboard • Add Buildings
• Add Enemies
• Set Enemies Damage • Set Player Weapons
• Set Environment Sky
• Etc..
Once the game is built you can play it.
Game Maker is also social, you can publish your game, so every others users can play with your.Creating Game Flow:1) Create Building2) Create enemies • Human • Tank • Helicopter 3) Set General Settings • Sky • Enemiesdownloadlinkmage • Complete environment colour • And many more…2) Set player • Position • Weapons • Bulletsdownloadlinkmage • Color • Etc…3) Build the game, so you can play it4) Publish the game, so all app users can play yourEnjoy!
Game Maker Social Playing Game Maker Social Playing Game Maker Social Playing
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