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Real Manual Car Simulator 3D

Real Manual Car Simulator 3D

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Grab American muscle car with manual transmission for racing and real auto drifting like in Middle East city. Enjoy furious engine sounds addictive for entertainers in Real Manual Car Simulator 3D game. Press clutch and use gear-box to transmit gear manually for amazing racing car drive.Can you pass the manual gear car driving test from this virtual driving school? Enjoy staring car games like never before how you control manual car drive. Join us learn driving before you enroll for driving school and master your steering car driver skills. Grab steering and drive around city and use indicators on turns to follow traffic rules. In case of traffic violation, police automobile will chase you. Press clutch and shift the gears with realistic gearbox and then leave the race pedal to gain top speed. Play super car parking game to get to different spots. Park your vehicle manually outside shopping center, hospital, dr clinic and repairing shops. Avoid any road accidentdownloadlinkmage by crashing into other vehicles on roads. Reach gas station to refuel and drive to the garage to get its bonnet fixed by specialized mechanic.Can you keep sports car scratch-less in peak traffic hours? Drive supercars like a pro traffic racer to show your extreme driver skills. Grab auto and Drive supercharged automobile in open city with extreme racing cars experience. Save your vehicle from demolition and wrecking. Show real time driver skills to control turbocharger cars driving across metro city. No need for nitrous booster for these high-tech supercharged American muscle car. Drive like cars wars keep your automobile save getting wrecked and destruction. Grab the auto to drift across traffic, use disk brake for high-tech extreme racing experience. Use clutch and gear-box to drive this automobile for real cars racing experience. Real Manual Cars Simulator Features:◆Super addictive gameplay for driving and parking enthusiasts◆American muscle car with full kitdownloadlinkshboard, gearbox and solid chassis◆Optimized manual transmission controls for realistic fast driving◆On-screen touch and tilt controls with gears, race and brake pedals◆Real 3D graphics and beautiful city environment◆10 challenging racing missions to grab champion’s trophyDownload Real Manual Car Simulator 3D addictive and challenging driving game to enjoy unlimited fun of extreme drift and parking.
Real Manual Car Simulator 3D Real Manual Car Simulator 3D Real Manual Car Simulator 3D
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